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By , 11/27/2012

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There is no documentation anywhere on telnetting into the clocks. I tried playing around with the feature, and a few people have emailed tips. If anyone sends in additional tips they will be added to this page.

Not all of these operations have been tested. Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures in this guide.

Log on

C:\telnet [clock IP address]
V*WorksLogin: SuperUser
Password: 2323098716



At arrow pointing to the right type reboot



ping “x.x.x.x”


Set IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway

ipAddr=”” (replace


Change the device ID (Password)

FTP into the clock /flash0/config path
I use filezilla but any ftp client should work
[IP of timeclock]/flash0/config
FTP to the clock
Copy the devCfg.xml file located in /flash0/config to your local disk
Open devCfg.xml in notepad or a text editor I recommend making a backup of this file just in case.
Look for deviceId=”######” The six digit number in quotes will be your clock number. Update new device ID number in quotes – save change
Copy the devCfg.xml file back to /flash0/config
telnet into terminal
at the prompt type reboot
the deviceID is changed.


Get rid of disc icon in Upper RH Corner

cd /flash1/data


Create Debugging Log File

These commands will generate a log file within the telnet session

1. Click on Start/Run
2. Type CMD
3. Type Telnet DEVICEIP –f path of the file you wish to specify.
4. Example: Type Telnet –f c:/filename
(Note IP= clock IP address, filename= the file that the telnet session will write to)
5. VxWorks login: SuperUser
6. Password: 2323098716
7. Next type enableAppDebugHooks(3)
8. Next type debugWebcAllegroLayer=1
9. Next type browserDebug=1
10. Next type bBrowserDebug=1
11. Next type clientDebug=1
12. Next type ServerConfirmationDebug=1
13. Next type showHTTPStatus=1
14. Once this is enabled, reproduce the specific issue you are trying to capture. The debug logging will be written to the file you specified.
15. Send file to ADP


45 Responses to “4500 Clock: Telnet”

  1. Kesha says:

    Changing the device using filezilla worked, thanks! You just saved my field support techs a trip.

  2. J says:

    Is there a method to disable the telnet process remotely as superuser on the command prompt (When one has a telnet connection to the clock) other than having to change the Comm settings locally and select “no” on the Telnet FTP field?

  3. Joe Casaletto says:

    There is no way that I know of to enable or disable telnet without physically touching the clock.

  4. J says:

    Understood, in my search from the wind shell prompt I found nothing. (Perhaps it’s hidden in the boot config file…) Looks like i’ll be calling lots of folks up to push some buttons. Thanks so much Joe for the quick reply!

  5. Darren says:

    Hi Joe, So I have a 4500 that doesn’t boot all the way. It hangs at “Loading version 5671”. It still responds to the Kronos browser and the database view on that browser says “msg : Symbol not found”.
    Any ideas on how to reset it?

  6. Joe Casaletto says:

    Were you trying to load updated firmware into it?

  7. Darren says:

    No I was not. I did do a transaction XML post prior to noticing it went to this message. I tried the reboot a few times with same results. I tried to telnet to it but it wont connect. It does successfully return an OK when sending a device status request or a time set post.

  8. Joe Casaletto says:

    According to what I am reading, even though we have room for 75 programmable softkey assignments on the 4500 terminals, if you send over more than 23 it will lock up the terminal. This was a Kronos issue that was resolved in one of their service packs.

  9. Darren says:

    interesting. So is there a way to clear the problem? Perhaps a restore factory defaults method.

  10. Joe Casaletto says:

    I would think that should do it, or download a configuration without all those softkey assignments.

  11. darren says:

    So how to reset to factory defaults?
    I tried to resend softkeys and they won’t take.

  12. Joe Casaletto says:

    Open up the clock and press the cold start button. That’s the one on the left labeled HDWR RESET. The button on the right labeled SOFTWR RESET is Maintenance Mode.

  13. Darren says:

    I know about that one but I was looking for something that would clear everything back to factory settings. The maintenance mode doesn’t work.

  14. Joe Casaletto says:

    So you can’t get past that Loading ### error the screen with a maintenance badge, or the two black buttons inside the clock?
    What if you use the telnet reboot command from this page?

  15. Darren says:

    correct – maintenance badge beeps but does nothing. Software button does nothing hardware button reboots back to same message.
    I tried the telnet thing yesterday and it says “could not open connection to host, on port 23:connect failed”. I know the clock is there at that address because I can open the kronos browser to it. Very frustrating. 😐

  16. Joe Casaletto says:

    I think your clock is toast. If you do get it running again, let me know what it took. Good luck.

  17. Darren says:

    One last thing I noticed. If you look at the application log on the Kronos Browser, every time I reboot I get…
    setEnrollState(INACTIVE): Already inactive
    Error initializing biometric device
    Ever seen that? There is no fingerprint reader installed.

  18. Joe Casaletto says:

    It seems as if data sent down to the terminal did not match what it is capable of using. Example, biometric settings sent to a terminal with no fingerprint device attached. This could have been caused by copying the configuration from another terminal that did have a biometric device. If that is not the case, whatever happened to interrupt your data transfer has probably hosed the terminal completely.

  19. Arliss says:

    I was wondering if there is any way someone has encountered to pull the serial numbers of the clock board and a touch ID for the 4500 remotely using telnet, ftp, or browser. I’ve looked through every bit of data from all these sources without any luck. Was wondering if maybe they’re set as hex data somewhere.

  20. Joe Casaletto says:

    Arliss: You need to use Device Manager or SQL to get that information.

  21. Jose Javier Gonzalez says:

    is there a telnet command to check clock’s hour and date?

  22. Jose Javier Gonzalez says:

    … found it: timeStampPrint

  23. How to retrive Serial Number remotly from 190 Kronos Terminal 4500 Model, using SQL?

  24. Tantarian says:

    Hello all,

    I am trying to change the IP addresses on 500+ devices and am looking for a way to do it remotely. I’ve been able to telnet into the devices but need the proper command line info to change the IP/Gateway on the device. Am I also correct that rebooting the device will save the configuration?

  25. Ethan says:

    Hey Joe, would you happen to know how to send a bell relay schedule to the timeclock via telnet or which configuration file contains this data? Thanks
    P.S. These tips have been extremely helpful!

  26. Joe Casaletto says:

    No documentation exists anywhere on telnetting into the clocks. All that I know is in this post.

  27. Joe Casaletto says:

    Log on
    C:\telnet [clock IP address]
    V*WorksLogin: SuperUser
    Password: 2323098716

    Set IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway

  28. Felix says:


    Are you have a file XML with the bells for the kronos 4500?

  29. Joe Casaletto says:

    I don’t understand what the question is. Please re-state giving more detail.

  30. Phil says:

    Hi Joe,
    Do you know if there is any configuration commands which will allow an ADP/Kronos 4500 to communicate via an HTTP Proxy (with authentication – like a browser can). I have found many Wind River VxWorks OS commands do function from the Telnet.

  31. Joe Casaletto says:

    I have never heard of any capability to do that.

  32. Chuck says:

    ADP is telling my user that they cannot re-purpose their 4500s to be used by another timeclock vendor. Is this true? No way to send new firmware/software?

  33. Joe Casaletto says:

    They’re not interchangeable or convertable.
    I don’t actually know what it is that is different between ADP and Kronos clocks (except that there is definitely something). That information in not available anywhere. I suppose if you had both next to each other and opened up, an eyeball test might lead to some clues.
    If I ever learn anything about this, I will post it on this site.

  34. Timeguy says:

    Is there an error log on the 4500 clocks that records bad swipes and mis-punches? And if so, how do you access it?

  35. Joe Casaletto says:

    Transaction Assistant in the Workforce software is useful for that.

  36. ChadW says:

    Hey Joe! Just wanted you to know people were still using your awesome site. After using your instructions we were able to telent into a 4500 clock and make some changes. Afterwards, I was trying to figure out some new commands so that maybe I could give back to the community. Have you ever tried typing “help” at the telnet prompt? It doesn’t give you everything, but it exposes plenty of commands to play around with…

  37. Choffman123 says:

    thank you! this will saved me a long, long, trip to northern Maine in the winter!

  38. Swin says:

    Is there away to issue a “Collect Data” command from telnet, before issuing a reboot? I want to configure a script to reboot the clocks during off hours, but transfer any run saved data to the server.

  39. Joe Casaletto says:

    Not that I know of. All that I know about telnet is on this page.

  40. Leon says:

    Hi, is there away for me to see the time on a clock remotely? Via telnet? Currently I am having to phone individual sites to get them to phyiscally check their clock. Thanks

  41. Joe Casaletto says:

    Time displaying on the clock is not remotely retrievable.

  42. Tim Naami says:

    How do you list all of the available commands? I did the help and netHelp but do not see the commands such as ipAddr=. Is this documented anywhere or only something Kronos Tech Support knows?

  43. Joe Casaletto says:

    There is no way to list the available telnet commands, and Kronos support won’t provide assistance with telnet.
    I am asking anyone who has any additional knowledge about any telnet commands to let me know, and I’ll add the information to this page.

  44. Terri says:

    Joe- I saw your instructions on how to get rid of the disc icon on the 4500. I’m confused where I should go to put these commands in that you provided. Any help I would appreciate it.

  45. Joe Casaletto says:


    First Telnet into the clock using the instructions listed under “Log On.” Then type the commands to get rid of the disc icon.

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