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By , 11/27/2012

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There is no documentation anywhere on telnetting into the clocks. I tried playing around with the feature, and a few people have emailed tips. If anyone sends in additional tips they will be added to this page.

Not all of these operations have been tested. Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures in this guide.

Log on

C:\telnet [clock IP address]
V*WorksLogin: SuperUser
Password: 2323098716



At arrow pointing to the right type reboot



ping “x.x.x.x”


Set IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway

ipAddr=”” (replace


Change the device ID (Password)

FTP into the clock /flash0/config path
I use filezilla but any ftp client should work
[IP of timeclock]/flash0/config
FTP to the clock
Copy the devCfg.xml file located in /flash0/config to your local disk
Open devCfg.xml in notepad or a text editor I recommend making a backup of this file just in case.
Look for deviceId=”######” The six digit number in quotes will be your clock number. Update new device ID number in quotes – save change
Copy the devCfg.xml file back to /flash0/config
telnet into terminal
at the prompt type reboot
the deviceID is changed.


Get rid of disc icon in Upper RH Corner

cd /flash1/data


Create Debugging Log File

These commands will generate a log file within the telnet session

1. Click on Start/Run
2. Type CMD
3. Type Telnet DEVICEIP –f path of the file you wish to specify.
4. Example: Type Telnet –f c:/filename
(Note IP= clock IP address, filename= the file that the telnet session will write to)
5. VxWorks login: SuperUser
6. Password: 2323098716
7. Next type enableAppDebugHooks(3)
8. Next type debugWebcAllegroLayer=1
9. Next type browserDebug=1
10. Next type bBrowserDebug=1
11. Next type clientDebug=1
12. Next type ServerConfirmationDebug=1
13. Next type showHTTPStatus=1
14. Once this is enabled, reproduce the specific issue you are trying to capture. The debug logging will be written to the file you specified.
15. Send file to ADP


52 Responses to “4500 Clock: Telnet”

  1. Ed says:

    Sorry, Kirk. No website. Here is another oddball / handy item. If you need to see what Terminal Mode the 4500 thinks the display is in, you can do the following:


    This console command will show what display mode the terminal believes it is in. The possible values are Employee, Manager, or Maintenance.

  2. Fernando says:

    gateway=””, works like a charm, of course, change de to your values., saved me a trip to the site.

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