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By , 10/12/2010

This page is for general questions or suggested blog topics.  For questions related to a specific blog entry, you may ask it under the topic writeup.

Please provide the hardware and software product and version being used when asking questions.  Please provide the complete text of any error message.

For more extensive help, I am available for contract work at an hourly rate.

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  1. Joe Casaletto says:

    Lee: Could be that something is blocking communications on port 80. Check to see what settings are listed under Device Communication Setting Editor.

  2. Steven Arends says:

    Hi Joe
    is there any way to creat/modify a pay rule without having a Kronos rep come out and do it? We are not covered by a maintance contract anymore, and have not updated for many years. Version was bought in 1999
    cheers Steven

  3. Joe Casaletto says:

    Steven: Yes, but you need to provide a lot more details.

  4. Tracy says:

    is there a way to re-boot a 4500 clock using KronosBrowser?

    In a post from last year I saw the following:

    JRogan: I think you are talking about the ability to put the IP of the 4500 clock into a browser and get some information. The username & password are KronosBrowser, case sensitive. Cannot take any actions from there except *** reboot***.
    Memory – Report – Memory – totalRAMSize = Memory
    Biometric = If TouchID, will have a numTemplates:[number] field.
    ErrorLog: app = Error messages
    ErrorLog: boot = If you do that one it will reboot the clock

    Thanks, Tracy

  5. Joe Casaletto says:

    Tracy: You can’t use KronosBrowser to reboot the clock. “ErrorLog: boot” won’t do it. That is just an error log.
    Use telnet to reboot remotely. See: http://www.joecasaletto.com/joekronos/2012/605/4500_telnet/#more-605

  6. Rwandha says:

    Hi Joe,

    i have problems about the Data Service, it’s don’t working good
    when I need Archive and Discard data pop up a error “TKCDS.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close”

    What can I do for resolve this problem??


  7. Joe Casaletto says:

    Rwandha: What version of TKCWin do you have?

  8. FRANK says:

    We have a kronos 460f time clock runnung tkcwin 3a.02.22 and timekeeper 3a.02.11. Ibought an ethernet clock off ebay and have the clock pinging. I can ping it fine, set pc time and send pc time to clock but initialize update and collect do not work. I get error 99 and 2019 request frame failure error

  9. FRANK says:

    i forgot to mention we were using serial comm with the old clock and are now switching to ethernet. also the new clock is a 480f blue in color the old one was red 460f

  10. Joe Casaletto says:

    Frank: The blue clock is ADP and it won’t work with Kronos.

  11. FRANK says:

    thanks thats what i thought

  12. James says:

    What is the default password for the S Card on an 8400 Kronos Clock? We can’t get logged into the system to setup a new employee using the biometrics.

  13. Joe Casaletto says:

    Do you mean a 4500 clock?
    The Supervisor password is 00000 (five zeroes)
    ~ Note that in 4500 terminal v 2.1, Supervisor Mode is called Manager Mode.

  14. James says:

    YES that was it. I was close to trying that. I typed out 0000, 1234, 9999, 0123, and I was about to start going up. THANK YOU.

  15. James says:

    Drat. I told the customer they may be swiping the wrong card since it kept showing manager mode.

  16. Elisa says:

    Is there a way to allow employees to correct their missed swipes through a biometric confirmation and supervisor approval? This will reduce the supervisor’s need to manually add the time for several employees that have legitimate missed swipes. Yet, be in compliance by approving all employee submitted biometric corrected swipe times.

    Please advise. Your suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

  17. Tammy says:

    I have a red 4500 clock. I am trying to figure out where to go in on clock and enter IP address to match what we have in event manager. Our clock has somehow reset itself.

  18. Joe Casaletto says:


    You will need to get to the Add Punch transaction from the 4500’s Manager Mode (formerly known as Supervisor Mode) one way or the other.

    The most common method is using the S badge. Swipe it, type the default password of 00000, and run the Add Punch transaction (will not get fingerprint prompt).

    We can also have employees use their own badge to enter Manager Mode is a specific set of circumstances:
    A) Employee has a Manager license in WFC
    B) The terminal is set to allow employee badge to access Manager mode.

    With this method, those enrolled with a fingerprint will get prompted to use it.

  19. FRANK says:

    FRANK says:

    03/05/2013 at 10:14 am


  20. John says:

    We have an old 45G gate access terminal that I need to modify the memory allocation settings. Had a power outage that shut our system down. Now when I try to communicate with the software I am getting an Error 23. Thus I need to know how to adjust the memory allocation on the unit itself.

    This will allow me to update the schedule back to the unit.

    Please contact me asap. Thanks

  21. John says:


    Do you have any TKC 45G programming instructions? Need to understand each stage of the programming sequence.


  22. Joe Casaletto says:

    John: I’ve got the OEM manual for Kronos 45 and 55 terminals, and the 45/55 Operator’s Manual. Unfortunately, that was from the days before PDFs, and those books are currently 1300 miles away. I’ll catch up with you on this towards the end of May.

  23. Joe Casaletto says:

    Reports > Time & Attendance > Carry Forward Data > Employees tab > Select All > Options tab > Reset Discard Warning Message

  24. John says:


    Do you have the programming steps for the Timekeeper Terminals Configuration Manual. This is for a 45G Gate Acess. Getting an Error Code 23 when initializing the terminal.

  25. Joe Casaletto says:

    John: My books are not with me at this time. Error 23 indicates the terminal can’t accept data, which might mean there are uncollected punches in there.

  26. John says:


    Error 23 for TKC 45G terminal indicates: No memory is allocated in the Timekeeper terminal program for a specific list that TKC is trying to send to the Timekeeper terminal. In Program Mode, review the memory allocation settings to determine the problem. Change the value of this applicable procedure/step. (refer to the Timekeeper Terminal Configuration Manual for instructions)

    This is per the book. Any thoughts?

  27. Joe Casaletto says:

    Some commands can’t be sent down when there are punches still in the clock. I suspect you need to do a collect, or if that is not possible, do a cold start. Not sure how to do a cold start on a 45G without my book.

  28. FRANK says:

    Joe Casaletto says:

    04/25/2013 at 12:37 pm

    Reports > Time & Attendance > Carry Forward Data > Employees tab > Select All > Options tab > Reset Discard Warning Message

    Joe will this re sync the discard warning dates for everyone and reset the employee reference date???


  29. FRANK says:

    Okay I followed your instructions and it still looks messed up. When I am in the timesheet for the new employee the current pay period shows nothing I try to add a punch and it says That date is out of range the current payperiod for that employee is for next week not the current. but everyone elses is fine. I even tried to restore a deleted employee who’s sequence was correct before and they too were off sequence

  30. Joe Casaletto says:

    Frank: What date does the PC show? Timekeeper Central is configured to never allow the current pay period to be discarded. However, if the PC date is wrong, TKCWin will consider the current pay period OK to discard.

  31. Ed says:

    Yo Joe! Just wanted to say Hi and hope all is well. (I worked with you back in the day.)

  32. Bill says:

    Hi, Joe. Is there anywhere to purchase the lithium batteries for Series 400 time clocks besides Kronos? All I’ve been able to track down is a Kronos part number, but no other specs on the battery itself.

  33. Joe Casaletto says:

    You can purchase the lithium batteries off the shelf at Radio Shack or any similar store.

  34. Dale says:

    We have Timekeeper/AS 9.0 running (obviously unsupported) and have a need to dramtically increase the number of our time clocks. Currently using 480F 8600615-011 with ethernet 8600947-001 PLUS external HID Prox card readers (ProxPro 5355AGN00).

    Looks like I can still find 480F – but is there a specific option for the Prox reader interface that is needed (and also the cable to connect) – the Prox Pro is still available brand new.

    Or – is there another model of timeclock I can add with Prox for my old software. 4500 is not listed in the software as a model (or does a 4500 with built in prox just simulate a 480F?)

  35. Joe Casaletto says:


    When people use the Kronos 400 series terminals with prox badges, they usually put the clocks out of sight and hook up the proximity reader on the wall so that is all that is visible. The prox reader unit should be at least 15” from the terminal. The reader is powered by the lead acid backup battery PC board.

    The 400 series clocks can be used with prox badges as long as the special I/O board is installed, P/N 8600767-xxx. If your prox badges came from Kronos, it’s P/N 8600767-001. If it is an HID badge from another source, that may not be the correct part number.

    TKAS 9.0 would not be able to support series 4500 clocks.

  36. Dennis says:


    I have a 420G clock. Can you tell me the command to access the device ID to change it on the clock?

  37. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the reply, but I do not see the command for accessing the device ID at your link. The device ID is not in the same location as the password and ip address. I was able to change the ip address, but did not find the device ID.

  38. Joe Casaletto says:

    Device ID and password mean the same thing.

  39. Dennis says:

    Thank you. You’ve been a great help.

  40. Rodney says:

    I am new to the site and have found many entries very helpful. We are encountering a problem with series 4500 clocks where a few of our 30+ clocks will not update their time and be off by several minutes. Even when I run “Send date/time” from CommLink the internal web page of those clocks which are not updating have nothing in their logs pertaining to a TIME JUMP (correction). The firmware on all of our clocks is old ( and I have a firmware update file ( Will this solve the time update problem? Also, the Advanced Device Manager is looking for a “krm” file and I have a “kru” file. I don’t want to brick my test clock, hence my post. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

  41. Joe Casaletto says:

    What is the part number of your clocks?
    What name and version of Kronos software are you on?

  42. Chad says:

    Our boss bought several of the Kronos System 4500 clocks from an Ebay seller. We are trying to set them up, but the Maintenance Key has been password protected. We can’t seem to figure it out. Is there any way you know of to reset this password, or just reset/wipe the clock? We have tried 00000 and other combinations, but cant get in. Any ideas??

  43. Chad says:

    I just wanted to pop back in to say I finally figured out our issue. One of the clocks did have a “SOFTWR RESET” switch on the main board. Pressing that after the clock had booted did get us into the Maintenance Menu and we were able to do a factory reset from there. Several of the clocks did not have the button on the board, just a place where it should be. I used a paper clip to jumper across 2 of the leads and it did the same thing. We are now back on the right road!

  44. Joe Casaletto says:

    I was going to respond back tonite about the SOFTWR RESET button, but you already got it! Did not know about the paper clip move though.
    Good job.

  45. GreenT says:

    For 4500 Series clocks,Is there any setup for SNMP? Can this be administered by Telnet session?
    **I use an uptime monitoring tool (Ping response only at present), but we could appreciate further event/stability reporting with MIB.

  46. Dennis says:

    I have a Kronos 420G with a 6700320-027 board installed. Do you know where I can find information to install a 6005BGB00 Proxpoint Plus prox reader?

  47. Joe Casaletto says:

    GreenT: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is not supported on the 4500s.

  48. Joe Casaletto says:

    Using proximity badges with the 400 series clocks requires a special I/O board to use, P/N 8600767-xxx. If your prox badges came from Kronos, it’s P/N 8600767-001. If it is an HID badge from another source, you will have to send it in to Kronos for a badge eval to get the correct part number.

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